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Ready or Not, the Return of the Hobo Bag Is Nigh

Best Hobo Bags- Whatever happened to all the hobo bags? Are they lost forever among the party-gal pages of noughties Vogue? Stuck in a box in the back of Sienna Miller’s closet, a relic of her bohemian-Brit phase circa 2004? I had long forgotten about the iconic carryall, having been too focused on micro purses (fit for Polly …

Louis Vuitton It Bag
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Louis Vuitton’s Latest ‘It’ Bag Looks Like a Cute UFO

It’s super quirky and super popular. Louis Vuitton It Bag- You can’t mention iconic handbags without talking about Louis Vuitton. The French label has created purses with impeccable craftsmanship and unique designs for decades. Now the brand has a new silhouette that’s taking over the street-style scene, and — believe it or not — it kind of …